About Us

About SDA

Shekhawati Educational City, Dundlod which has been operating since 2003 have come up with another gem of an institute Shekhawati Defence Academy (SDA) within the same campus and have been operating since the year 2014. The chairman Mr. Shishram Ranwa sensed a need for a quality defence academy with all the modern facilities and amenities. The area is a hub for aspirants who want to pursue defence as their career option right from their early age we imbibe students the sense of pride, love and affection towards the nation and through Shekhawati Public School, which runs on a Sainik School Pattern we prepare them for the tough battle ahead.

After proving the success in various fields of education the Educational city now through the  academy is  doing wonders by providing enumerable candidates to the defence. Since its establishment SDA has made its way to one of the Top Ranked Institute. Being flooded by many academies closely SDA standout due to it’s humongous campus, facilities, administrators and skilled staff. The administrators are all ex army officers who make sure, create an environment and prepare obstacles and mental riddles that the candidates feel they are already toughened up and prepared for the road ahead.

We standout because of our :

  1. One of the best selection rates of candidates
  2. Discipline
  3. Test series, mock tests and interviews
  4. Special attention to Maths and English
  5. Motivational one to one talks with ex army officers
  6. Lush green and pollution free campus
  7. Astonishing Infrastructure with CCTV monitoring.