5 Myths about NDA Coaching

Usually people come into coaching classes with certain mind blocks which limits their potential, here are a few of them:

  • English: People believe that candidates with good English are given preference over the ones who don’t, it is entirely incorrect English has never been a basis of selection. Candidates think if they go and speak English fluently in the interview they will get selected and in the middle of that they make mistakes. The NDA coaching institutes suggest candidates should be confident enough to crack the exam and interview not mastering English.


  • Previous Education: It is wrongly believed that students who have studied in schools in urban area or well established schools are the ones who are able to make it in NDA. It depends on sheer passion and learning desire in a person however NDA coaching institutes suggest focusing and understanding the concepts since your school days is a big plus.


  • Perfection: It is believed that candidates pressurize themselves that they need to be perfect concerning their physical abilities and knowledge. They pressurize themselves with these thoughts and end up getting depressed. Rather they should concentrate on what is taught, to improve yourself and introduce yourself to knew things is the prime reason you join a coaching.


  • Background: There is a misconception that only people from army background (relatives or father in army) can become an officer. There is no such thing as favoritism or being biased. You are taught to think like an officer in the institute from how you speak to how you behave and how you eat.


  • Failure: Those who have failed in any exam who think they have lost the chance should change their mind in general their attitude usually shows signs of negativity. Instead they should channel all the energy in thinking that they have an advantage over other candidates and should learn from their mistakes.